Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Turku & Naantali trip

Anne & Tina almost matching ;)
I spent 5 days in my hometown Turku and also Naantali. It was lovely to see my friends, but the whole trip's purpose was to find an apartment for me and my boyfriend. And we did! We've both been living with our parents after the exchange period in Toronto. It has felt weird after living so many years by ourselves...  

We actually found the apartment by accident; We were on our way to our 3rd or 4th apartment viewing when we walked by an ad about a perfect apartment. The problem was that no pets would be allowed in the apartment, but we decided to ask about it anyways. And good that we did! Now we have the perfect apartment for us in the centre of Turku :) And the most important thing is that as we both have quite a lot of clothes and shoes there is an actual walk in closet as well as a lot of space for all our stuff. It's funny how much space a "music freak" and an occasional do-it-youself/painter/craftsperson need. Next weekend will be the moving day, and we still have a lot of things to do... I didn't think that returning home would be this hectic!

Here's some pictures that I took during the 5 day trip;
At the riverboat Donna

The best board game ever :)

Afrikan tähti and a really strong Irish Coffee at Bar4


Katinhäntä= Cat's tail

Celebrating the fact that we got the apartment

Wanted to try something else than the regular beer. This was good,especially when it was a warm summer night on the patio

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  1. No hyvä että säki tykkäät siitä, mustakin aivan huipputuote :)