Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back home with a Jetlag

Today at 2 AM I arrived to Finland. And boy, the travel experience was by far worst I've ever had! First we had to fly from Toronto to Bruxelles. This took about 6,5 hours. This part of the trip was alright as there were many movies to watch during the flight. I'm not a big Twilight fan, but I still ended up watching the latest part! After this flisg came the worst part of the whole trip;We had stay at the Bruxelles airport for 12 hours. Brussels Airlines for some reason stopped flying to Helsinki so we  had to fly to Frankfurt to catch the Helsinki plane. We had originally planned to fly from Bruxelles straight to Helsinki, but our travel agency had to change it. I still can't believe they coulnd't find a better option than a 12 hour wait... All in all the whole trip from Toronto to Helsinki took about 35 hours(without sleep) so now I'm suffering from a pretty bad Jetlag.

I must admit, it's pretty nice to be back home. Toronto was great, but I think 4 months was just the right duration for my exchange experience. It's funny how I really started missing certain clothes,shoes etc. while I was there. I have always loved painting, arts and crafts, but I wasn't able to do anything without my stuff! At the moment I don't have an apartment so I have to stay at my parents' house. The problem is that my parents are renovating their "regular" house, meaning the house I grew up in, so my parents, my 2 cats and I are living in a pretty small apartment at the moment. However, it feels like home because some of the furniture are the same "old" ones.

The greatest part of staying at my parents' is that I don't have to pay rent and the fridge is always full of yummy food :) This will do fine before I find a new place in Turku :) As soon as I move into the apartment, I can start doing clothes and other projects, hooray!

Something I had waiting for me :)


  1. Quite some distance you guys travelled. What's with the cats and apples? I have a friend who swears his cat eats strawberries mine eat tomatoes and ice cream.

    1. Hah, I don't know, cats are a bit weird, I guess. Mine was just really curious when I was unpacking so I took a picture. I have a friend with a cat that eats cucumber :)