Friday, May 25, 2012

Crochet blanket

I will be moving to our first official apartment tomorrow, so I have decided to start a DIY project to celebrate this. Buying something ready-made is too easy, and self-made things give the apartment more character. Lace and crochet have always been my favourite materials. I get cold quite easily and when watching TV I love wrapping myself inside a comfy blanket, so a blanket is my next project.

from Gant


Previously I had almost a hatred for Gant's star pattern blankets and pillows. I don't know the actual reason, I just thought that they were too plain and the prices were too much for me. I can pay for quality, but when and if I can do something myself, I will. The star pattern is really youthful, in my opinion and the more "plain" fabrics have started to interest me. Funny how my opinions about clothes and interior design stuff changes every now and then. I will be doing the blanket myself using crochet, so my blanket consists of same size granny squares (unlike the Gant blanket).
(from My Dream bed

Our sofa is beige/sand coloured and our bed black, so I figured a black blanket will go with everything and not look too "granny-like", I don't think that's my boyfriend would appreciate that :) My granny squares are black.
One square, now only about a 100 to finish :D
What the pattern will more or less look like. The squares still need to be ironed and stretched so that they will be even.

I still don't know if I want to crochet my white stars, or would it be easier to just sew them. I might also do a few different pattern squares. I guess I will decide while I'm crocheting. My goal is to do at least 2-3 squares per day, so the blanket should be ready in about one month.

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