Saturday, May 19, 2012

A lovely day for travelling

I started my day with this delicious strawberry-mint-ginger-soymilk smoothie and a jog. I'm still feeling a bit jet lagged, it's a weird feeling... I woke up already at 8 o'clock, I guess my body hasn't yet gotten used to Finnish time and the amount of sunlight. It's amazing how bright it is here even during the night! The whole day I've been feeling so energetic. Maybe it's because I know that in a few hours I'll see my Turku  friends, finally :) It's been almost 5 months that I last saw them.

Yesterday I went to a flee-market and here's some stuff I found:
hippie-dress :)

At the moment I'm sitting on the train from Helsinki to Turku. I'm too excited so the time is going by very, VERY slow! It's a lovely weather tonight so I will be going to some nice restaurant and afterwards to the river boats.

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