Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shopping, eating and enjoying the sun in Miami Beach

I've been in Miami Beach now for a few days, but I've really enjoyed it! Sunny and really warm, clear turquoise water, cheap food and drinks... Every building and shop has air conditioning, so what's not to love? Our hotel is actually on the "more quiet" side of Miami Beach, so the restaurants and bars are a bit cheaper here. On the first evening we had delicious Cuban food, first time for me. It was absolutely delicious! I took grilled fish and it was served with very basic Cuban side dishes, Fried sweet bananas and rice with black beans. We've also French food and desserts. Yesterday we went shopping downtown. Macy's was my absolute favourite, too bad there was so much to see that I didn't actually buy anything, the amount of wonderful clothes,shoes and bags was just so overwhelming! We're going back there for sure. Here's some photos I've taken, including some stuff I did buy :) 

When I went to Mango, I found these really cute crochet bikinis. Too bad the model was not for my body, but I decided that I will actually crochet similar bikinis when I get back to Finland.
Urban outfitters. Love them!

Urban outfitters

Delicious Cakes from a French Café

Seen at least 4 of these fellows!

Shopping at Lincoln Road

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  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! I'm thinking of visiting Miami soon and shopping stores will be the first thing to check. Mango's items seems impressive and great.