Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shopping at Marshalls again

I visited Marshalls again only this time with the intention to focus only on home d├ęcor. Poor me I have to go back there to return a dress for my sister and I was thinking I might have a peek at clothes and also buy a couple gifts. 

First off, I bought this adorable reusable shopping bag. I put my purchases in it and I’ve been raving about it ever since. This is only one style of the many styles and colors that they had. I was thinking it would be great to use in Finland for grocery shopping or even just regular shopping. A girl can get a be a but flustered carrying too many plastic bags and if Anne and I are shopping together there is plenty to carry. Anne uses reusable maybe more than I do. I know its bad but I just forget . Now that I have this cute new reusable shopping bag maybe I will remember to bring it along to the store more often! I am planning on picking up another bag for myself and maybe a few to give as gifts. Cute, affordable and environmentally friendly- its an all around win! 

This clear plastic make up storage container is great! I actually have a huge clear one here in America that I got from a yard sale but unfortunately its too large for me to bring with me back to Finland and I think that my sister really likes using it. This one was only $12.99 and will fit nicely on my small bathroom shelf or make up table. 
I’ve always wanted a diffuser. I think they are so cute and this one was $4.99 for the bottle the cute glass bottle, the scented oil (which is “simply linen”) and the reeds. With dogs its nice to have something scented and fresh. I love candles but I don’t want to burn then if I’m not in the room and I can’t burn candles in the hallway because there is no safe for be to put a candle. Can’t wait to use this cute diffuser! 

I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with my dogs, but after living with them for a year they have grown on me. We’ve learned to co-exist and I have grown to appreciate them. Its nice that when my boyfriend is working an overnight shift at work that I’m not alone, the dogs keep me company. And its sweet how every time I come home they run to the door to meet me. So in honor of my annoying but cute dogs I bought this frame. I am going to put a photo of them in it when I get home. 
- Tina

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