Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Going crazy for peplum dresses!

Today I finally got to order some new clothes from www.asos.com.
It's good that I didn't place the order earlier as now the sales products are crazy cheap! I love the fact about Asos that they have so many different brands. The prices range from cheap to expensive so that everyone can find something for themselves. This is not advertising, just my personal opinion :)

I've been craving a peplum dress and tops for a few weeks now. I have a few already but the ones in Asos are just so damn cute! The good thing about peplum cut clothes is that they are really figure flattering if you choose the right model for your body type. They make your waist look very small but still cover up that unwanted tummy bump. E.g. if you have a bigger upper body you might want to choose a V-neck cut or a cut that gives you a little bit of cleavage. I bought this one:

 I also ended up buying the trousers. I've been looking at them online for so long. Besides, they look pretty cute with a black top. I know I'm a bit late when it comes to wearing floral print, but I don't care. I heard that there are still going to be some hot days here in Finland so... I still don't know if they will look good or just plain ridicuolous on me, so I might cut them into shorts and glue some studs on them.

The mint dress I already ordered, but it might be that in a few weeks I might buy the white one as well. It would look great with my hot pink clutch.

This red Marilyn Monroe-type dress would be a dream come true and perfect for e.g. Christmas parties! I know it's pretty early to think about Christmas, but hey, you always have to have a good reason for buying a cute dress that you really can't afford at the moment  ;)

- Anne


  1. Ihania! Etenkin toi mintunvihreä! Täytyypi vierailla sivuilla...

    1. kannattaa ehdottomasti, siel menee helposti pariki tuntia :D