Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gold and lace tip nails

Yesterday I decided to these gold tip "lace" nails. You can wear these on a casual day or even as a bridal nail look if you prefer your nails to be simple! These are really easy to make, I promise :) All you need is: a light pink nail polish, A gold glitter nailpolish, a top coat polish and white nail art pen.

 A while back I bought Sally Hansen's gem crush in 03 Big Money. All in all I love the fact that the gem crush polishes have different colour glitter in them so in different lighting the colour always looks different. There is just one thing which isn't that great: if you apply too much of the product( meaning more than 2 layers) the colour chips off quite easilly. So be aware :)

To get the nails, start by applying two coats of light pink nail polish on the whole nail. Let it dry. Then apply two coats of the gold glitter nail polish on the tip. If you have very short nails just "fake" the tip, nobody will notice ;) Then draw a line between the two nail polishes with the nail art pen and start drawing the swirls and dots. When dried, apply at least two layers of top coat polish.

- Anne