Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Killing that flu

Just last week I bragged to someone that after my swine flu episode two years back I haven't been that sick. Well, of course this was a mistake, cause since friday I've felt absolutely miserable! And after we had planned an evening with friends and going to a gig with my boyfriend, well, I got even more sick. So for 3 days I've been trying to get rid of this flu and this " I look as horrible as I feel" feeling :) Here's some of my ideas.

 First of all rest is the key. It's okay for me to sleep during the night(yes, I did sleep for over 12hours last night) but during the days I want to do something,e.g. go to the gym! But as it might harm especially the heart, I've just been hanging on the sofa or doing the dishes(which is weird for me!)

 Green tea is great for you if you're sick, and otherwise too. It's full of antioxidants and it also cleans your body, and actually fights bacteria. If you have a tummy ache, Green tea with mint is perfect. I found this delicious Blueberry tea (from Tetley) last week. I like almost all green teas, but this one is amazing! It smells and tastes like real blueberry.

Drinking a lot of water or low sugar drinks is crucial. Tetley's Infusions, Redtea liquid iced tea mix is my new favourite drink. I drink way too much coke,which is unheathy in every single way, so I've been drinking this instead. It's made of all natural ingredients, including Rooibos tea. Rooibos has a a lot of antioxidants, minerals. In my opinionthe Redtea doesn't taste much like tea, it's more like juice, but my boyfriend thinks that it really does taste like Rooibos. ( He hates Rooibos, so...) I mix whole bag into about 1 litre of water instead of half a litre, cause I don't want it to be too sweet. Just delicious. Anyone who likes Rooibos (and berries) or wants to drink a healthy juice drink should try this! I think I have to buy this before I move back to Finland, because we donät have it there.

from google
Veggies and ginger! When I'm sick I can't really eat that much meat, so I prepared a noodle-tofu-veggie wok with chili peppers, ginger and garlic. They all have been proven to kill the bacteria causing the flu faster.

Ginger has been used for centuries for colds, as it takes away nausea and boosts the body's immune system. I sometimes drink it as a tea, with a hint of honey.But remember that you need only a tiny amount of ginger, as it's quite strong!

Almost every time when you get sick, it starts affecting on your mood and appearance as well! I haven't been this pale and had such visible dark circles under my eyes in a long time. Just horrible! Fortunately I had the cure for these in my bathroom! Nivea's happy time shower cream smells so fresh, that after a shower I immediately felt better! It also leaves your skin very soft, as it has moisturizer in it. Scrubbing your skin when you're sick also makes you feel better and makes the skin appear less pale. I used  Freeman's pink grapefruit Exfoliating scrub. It smells so good! It makes you wake up.

Sometimes putting a bit of make-up might do wonders! I decided to cheer myself up by applying just a bit of make-up. Usually I put on a "decent" amount of it(meaning quite many products), but now I didn't feel a need for that. It may be hard to even notice the make-up and the bathroom lights seem to create dark shadows underneath my eyes! But before the make-up I looked like somebody who hasn't been sleeping for a week, so that will do :D

- Anne

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