Friday, April 27, 2012

Accessories and self tanning products

What a week. Today I finished my Final exams, the one today was just awful, Advanced Marketing research. I also had to say goodbye to one of my exchange friends and it was so sad. Now I can focus on travelling! Niagara falls during the weekend and Miami Beach on wednesday, I'm so excited! The problem is that I'm so pale at the moment! I have to get a bit of a "tan" before going there. I really like self tanning lotions that have a hint of color in them. In my opinion gels are easier to apply and are not as sticky as lotions, so I've usually been using L'Oreal Sublime Bronze tinted self tanning gel. It has small "gold" sparkles in it and gives your skin an instant hint of bronze color. It's perfect if you need a "healthy glow" fast. The only minus is that you need to apply quite a lot of the product, so the small bottle won't last that long. However, in my opinion the tan colour comes faster than with normal products so you don't need to apply it many times to get a proper "tan".
Because my skin has been so dry lately, I decided to try Jergen's natural glow daily moisturizer. It promises to give you a gradual tan and decrease the appearance of cellulite in 7 days. I still haven't used it for 7 days in a row because I'm a bit too lazy for that :D But the product has really tiny sparkly "glitter" in it, so this is what probably makes your skin look smoother.
Here's some other stuff I've bought recently:
Forever 21 + Ardene

Love at first sight at Forever 21. The color is more pink in daylight.

Essential for Miami!

I know it's pretty bold...
 But Beyonce and Lady Gaga look so awesome with dark lips, so I have to try it too! :)

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