Monday, April 9, 2012

Glee party

Here's some pics of a Glee themed birthday party that I threw for my boyfriend's sister's 14th birthday. I only had about a week and some carboard, posterboard scraps and a hot glue gun to throw it together. I guess that just shows that "necessity is the mother of invention"

In the right corner, a glass IKEA cake/treat stand. I love this thing, I use it for almost every party that i have. For the glee party i taped blue construction paper along the edge of each tier of the treat serving dish and i added a fake slush to top it off. To attach the paper I simple strategically placed some tape. After the party i peeled off the tape and washed the dish. In the center of the table you will notice a plastic IKEA frame, I bought it for 1euro. I have used it for parties when I have wanted to display the name and ingredients which are in certain foods or the punch bowl. For this party I simply wrote "happy birthday Jassu" on a piece of paper and put it in the frame. Its simple but you could use the frame for anything, it would probably look great if I had been able to print out a happy birthday sign. I also scattered some music notes and stars on the table. 

For the cake I was low on supplies and my budget was dwindling so I baked a simple chocolate cake and used half of the dough for cup cakes. For the cake decor I cut out a glee inspired logo, i used a photos i found online for inspiration and i cute out a "Cheerios" cheerleader megaphone. 
Chocolate Cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I colored it blue with a few drops of food coloring. I then put the cupcakes inside plastic cups. I then hand made lables to go around the plastic cups that say "big quench" the Glee charters' slushie of choice. I also cut red straws to size and stuck them in the cupcakes to make them look like an actual slushie. I made the letters rounded so they looked like they were splashing out of the slushie cup.  I also cut out a William Mckinley High School logo (the school that the glee kids go to) I simply copied the logo on the cheerleaders uniforms. 
Here is a glee centerpiece that i made. it is like a diorama. The glass part is a candle holder turned upside down. 

- Tina

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