Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Girly home decor stuff

I can't believe it's actually November. It feels like it was just a month ago when I came back from Toronto, but it's actually been almost 6 months... I hate the fact that the summer in Finland was awful this year! Just a few decent sunny days. I'm happy that I get to travel to Asia in about a month, there it will be at least 30 degrees celsius :) Anyways, it's getting cold, winter is on it's way and I always find myself buying a lot of candles and other decor stuff when this happens. Candles make it seem like it's actually not that dark and miserable :)

 I fell in love with this owl candle immediately when I saw it on a shelf in Stockmann. I've loved owls since I was  6 months old and got my first stuffed toy. It was, surprise,surprise, an owl :) The candle is actually so cute that i don't necessarily want to burn it. But hey, it serves nicely as a decoration too.

Both of the supergirly flower candles are by Pentik.

I was really happy to find this heart-shaped metal "thing" from Sokos for about 15 euros. I don't know what it's really meant for, but it's a perfect earring holder. Before, I kept my earrings in a tiny box and it was always very tricky to quickly get the right pair out. The holder is super light. If you wanted, it would probably be pretty easy to make a similar earringholder from wire.

- Anne


  1. OI mä muistan sen pöllöpehmon, mut en kyllä kuollaksenikaan muista sen nimeä.

    Vähän on hieno toi sydännaulakko!

    1. Haha, se on Ernesti. Ja Ernesti on edelleen mun vaatekaapin päällä :)