Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas is here! Almost...

Call me crazy, but this year I started christmas decorating pretty early :) I'm not usually this early, but I have a good reason; I'm leaving for Asia way before Christmas. This will be my first non-Christmassy Christmas, if you understand what I mean... I will be with my family, but we won't be having this traditional Finnish-Carelian crazy Christmas with about 15 family members. Instead, we will be celebrating Christmas with under 5 people. Don't get me wrong,I love our big traditional family Christmas, but to be honest, sometimes it has been a bit stressing. Cooking for 15 people (not alone of course) requires some work. And I think it's nice for a change to try something completely different.

My miniature christmas trees. This year's theme colours for me are white,silver and gold.

A candle holder I got from a charity shop for 50 cents.

A christmas sock I got from Tina

- Anne

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