Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Sea shell decor

Like many kids, I used to love sea shells. Every time we went on a beach holiday I gathered a bucket full of sea shells. A few days ago I was cleaning the apartment and found a box of junk. In this box was a smaller box full of both big and small, gathered and bought sea shells as well as small rocks. First I thought about throwing them way, but then I thought about my parent's house; my mom loves ocean related decor things, so this gave me an idea. Here's what I came up with:



I have an Iittala Aalto-tray with a candle and glass beads in the livingroom. I threw  the smaller sea shells with the beads, and I'm really happy about the result. 

I happened to have a small glass jar with air bubbles. I put the rocks on the bottom of the jar and sea shells on top. I also had a really old brown "bling" jewel in the sea shell box, so I threw that into the glass jar as well. It almost looks as if the sea shells are swimming in bubbly ocean water, don't you think? :)