Friday, July 27, 2012

Tina is back in America!

I’m in America! That’s right, I’m back in my hometown in Connecticut. There is something nice about coming back to this to quaint suburban sea side town. It’s strange how much things have changed in the two years that its been since I’ve been back here. I’ve been here for about a week and already managed to do so many things. I’ve spent some time with my best friend from High School, visited some new places and done a little shopping. 

I went to Hartford for a day and did a little sightseeing and also visited the Mark Twain museum. I LOVE Mark Twain quotes and it was interesting to be traipsing through his house. The tour guide also provided us with lots of interesting and quirky facts about Twain’s life and family.  For instance in his private billiard’s room where he entertained guests and wrote some of his most famous works, he would spend hours practicing and playing billiards by himself. Twain was a self proclaimed lazy person so he trained the family’s kittens to sit in the pockets of the pool table and roll the balls back to him with their paws rather than walk around to collect them. Each room of the house had its own theme, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to the take picture inside the house but here it is from the outside. 
On Sunday I had a family day. We took the Port Jeff ferry to Long Island. We took our car and drove to the North Fork of Long Island. The scenery was pretty nice in some parts, there are lots of quaint little beach towns with shops and restaurants. Below are some pictures of the ferry ride and the towns. 

Here is a photo of my lunch. I had a crab cake sanwhich, so delicious and fresh. I wish I had a photo of the restaurant. It was on a dock by the water. You know the seafood must be fresh when you can hear waves crashing and boats driving by while you eat! 

I thought this side table made of branches was pretty neat idea!


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