Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding the perfect coat

It's spring time and I really have a craving for a new trench coat.Yesterday I was outlet shopping with K. I wasn't really looking for anything else than perfume, but ended up trying on coats. I have to admit, I'm quite a coat "fanatic" and back home in Finland I do have a few coats and jackets. At the moment my wardrobe is missing a longer trench coat. I was trying to look for those neutral color trenches, but they just don't look good on me! I have some beige/sand color clothes, but I've never been one of those girls who look good in beige :D The coat I tried on was Calvin Klein's double button trench coat. The colour really matched with my skintone, but somehow the buttons' colour was not for me. However, the price of the coat was ridiculous, only $80.

Calvin Klein

Even if the colour was perfect, I didn't buy it. There was something missing, or maybe the size was too big, I don't really know. I think if it was the "perfect" coat for me, I would love everything about it. The absolute perfect coat would be a classic Burberry trench coat.

Burberry Gabardine

The Burberry trench coats seem to have a perfect feminine body-hugging cut, and they just look gorgeous. The only problem for me is the cost. I could never pay over a 1000 € for a coat, even if I wanted to :) When I was looking for other kinds of trenches online, I found this:

Renee is wearing Tommy Hilfiger, and this is just perfect for me! The color is nice and the cut is really girly, but still classic. Now I just need to find where I can buy it from :) If I for some reason can't find it, I'll just have to continue looking for my "coat match made in heaven."

- Anne

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